Mid-September 2021 Update

What have we done since the last update?

Reddit Giveaway No. 2: This was a BIG giveaway where we chose 4 winners and gave away a total of 90 JWK Black Linear Switches, 90 Gateron PRO Switches, 2 packs of Longboi Springs, 1 set of Durock V2 Stabilizers, 1 roll of PTFE Fiberglass tape, 1 roll of PTFE Teflon tape, and 120 switch pads of PE Foam. We really wanted to thank the community for the warm welcome we received a month ago!

PE Foam Switch Pads: In our first giveaway we asked the question, “What cool mod requires items that vendors don’t carry?” The number one answer was the “PE Foam Mod”. We heard all of you and immediately got to work. Three weeks later, we happily introduced our premium irradiation cross-linked PE Foam Switch Pads that feature pre-cut holes for easy installation on your PCB for both 3 and 5-pin switches.

Longboi Springs 300g & 500g: These are specialized weights for those pesky keys that you keep accidentally grazing (e.g., Caps Lock, Win). Heavy enough to stop accidental presses, light enough to still functionally actuate. Check them out! We will continue to add to our springs line, as everyone seems to really like them so far!

Mill-Max Sockets: We received some feedback that offering sockets in packs of 90 wasn’t ideal. We heard you, so we’re now offering Mill-Max Sockets in packs of 50. We also lowered our prices to be lower than any other store we could find. We are also considering stocking 3305 sockets, as some of you have requested this. Please let us know if this is something you want – the more voices we hear from, the more inclined we’ll be to order these for our next shipment from Digikey / Mouser.

Incoming Switches

  • JWK Black V2 Clear Top Switches – ETA Late Sept: We saw that the community really wanted these (so much so that another vendor’s groupbuy was quickly sold out), so we immediately contacted JWK and placed an order. We specified to JWK that we wanted our switches to come unlubed and with a 62g spring, as we believe this is most desirable for the majority of the community. These are set to arrive sometime late next week, barring any transit setbacks caused by COVID. You can subscribe for in-stock notifications here!
  • KTT Switches (Assorted) – ETA Late Sept

Restocking PE Foam – ETA Mid Oct

We were forced to place a limit of 2 packs per customer, since these were selling like hotcakes and we really wanted as many people to be able to get them as possible. Despite this, they only managed to stay in-stock for about a day and a half.

Our restock of PE Foam Switch Pads should arrive in roughly 3-4 weeks – a tentative ETA of mid-October. We will have more info regarding this restock on our Discord when its arrival date nears. You can subscribe for in-stock notifications here!

Incoming EVA Foam– ETA Mid Oct

Some of you requested that we carry other types of foam switch pads as well, since PE Foam isn’t ideal for noise reduction. We heard you, so we’re planning to carry EVA Foam Switch Pads as well. These should be available on our store in about 3-4 weeks.

Incoming Lube – ETA Late Sept

We are offering lube at lower prices than many / all of our competitors. We buy everything in large bulk quantities – our bulk discounts directly go towards reducing the price you pay! All of our lube shipments should arrive soon – everything is being directly sourced from Miller-Stephenson.

  • XHT-BDZ: Super thick grease used for stabilizer wires.
  • GPL 105 Oil: Often used for bag lubing springs.
  • TriboSys 3203: Medium-thin lube often used for tactile switches.
  • TriboSys 3204: Medium-thick lube that is a great all-around lubricant. Viscosity between 205g0 and 3203.

Incoming Syringes – ETA Late Sept

Some of the lovely Discord folks requested that we carry syringes for easier lube application to your stabilizers. We heard you, so we did some research and immediately placed an order for blunt-tipped syringes. These should be up on our store within the next week or two.

Incoming Other Products

Like I mentioned in the last update, a lot of you seem to really enjoy our prices for tools. When I was first getting into this hobby, I thought the prices of basic tools (e.g., switch openers, switch pullers, keycap pullers, stem holders) were absolutely ridiculous. My goal is for my store to rid of these problems for the newcomers to this hobby. I’m pleased to say we will continue to expand our tools selection. We are also bringing in some new colors for switch stem holders (gold, black) and switch pullers (black).

R&D for Featherweight Longboi Springs

There were requests on our Discord for featherweight springs (<35g bottom-out weight). We immediately contacted our factory and began testing.

Product pricing, quantity per pack, and ETA are still be decided / announced. However after our preliminary tests, we are very likely going with 18mm two-stage 25g springs. These feel extremely light, but still have the capability of returning all keys (including stabilized ones) consistently. More tests will be conducted – stay tuned. You can subscribe for in-stock notifications here!

R&D for Our Very Own Keyboard???

There is much work to be done here, but all we can say is that we are currently developing our very own custom keyboard that we hope to carry at affordable prices. We want this to eventually be carried in-stock on our store and NOT through groupbuy. This project is still in its early days – stay tuned for future updates.

Incoming Giveaway – ETA Late Sept or Early Oct

When the JWK Black V2 Clear Top Switches and lube comes in, we will be launching another giveaway on Reddit – stay tuned for more info via our Discord!

Please keep the requests coming! As always, our mission is to provide this community with items they want with fast shipping, low prices, and excellent customer service.

Happy thocking,