A chef needs fresh ingredients. A lumberjack needs a sharp axe. We at thockpop, are working professionals who spend all our days in front of computers. We realized that much like a good chef or lumberjack needing their respective tools, we need our keyboards to be tailored for our specific preferences. Whether you are looking for a downstroke with a THOCK or an upstroke with a POP, we will help you at thockpop!

We enjoy more niche keyboard modifications (e.g., spring swapping, alternative stab modding) and want to be a space where similar minds can find what they need. That’s why we created thockpop. If there’s a newly discovered mod that we enjoy, we’ll try our best to bring it to our community. Please let us know on our Discord if there are any products you wish more stores would offer – we would love to fill this void!

Email: support@thockpop.com
Discord: theomaniacal#5638
Reddit: /u/CovertAI