Grand Opening

We’re so excited and absolutely elated to finally launch thockpop! We spent months in preparation for this moment – here’s what we were up to:

  • Built a website focused on customer experience first
    • Dark mode – Many online stores use white backgrounds, since that’s what apparently makes products look their best. However, we care more about preventing user eye strain. Personally, I get bad flutters when viewing bright webpages at night. No one should have to suffer to buy some switches.
    • See shipping rates right in the cart – I hate stores that force you to sign up or give personal information before seeing shipping estimates. Good customer experience involves knowing exactly how much your order will cost without going through any BS.
    • Guides – First and foremost, we’re just keyboard nerds. That’s why we’re writing free guides to report the results of our keyboard experiments and to make entertaining yet informative content.
    • Bitcoin acceptance – I first invested in Bitcoin back in 2013 and Ethereum later in 2016. Partially thanks to these investments, we were able to found thockpop. It felt only right that we supported BTC payments. Hopefully, we can also accept ETH in the future!
    • POP Rewards Program – We wanted a way to give back to loyal customers. With the POP Rewards System, we can also give more frequent rewards via our Discord Giveaway channel!
  • Formed great relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, so that we can carry high quality products at low prices
  • Experimented with domestic shipping carriers and methods, so that we can offer the lowest shipping rates to our customers
  • Experimented with overseas shipping carriers and methods, so that we can resupply our products post-haste
  • And much more… (turns out it’s quite involved to start a business)

So who is thockpop? We are a loving couple currently residing in Tallahassee, FL. She’s a bit more shy on the social end of things (ouch why’d you hit me?), so you’ll usually hear me (Newman) making posts. We met while attending The University of Texas at Austin and later formed a shared hobby of building mechanical keyboards. When we’re not busy pressing plastic, she attends grad school, and I work on developing indie games. We both are very empathetic people who have worked in the customer service industry before, and we are focused on making your shopping experience here as great as possible! Hit us up if you have any questions at all about our store, or if you just wanna chat! We can be found on Discord and at

Keep thockin’ and stay poppin’,