Post Grand Opening – What’s Next

Wow – our grand opening FAR exceeded our expectations! You all are amazing, and thank you to everyone who checked our store out.

No dwelling in the past though – let’s talk about what’s coming up.

Incoming Switches

  • Gateron PRO Milky Switches – ETA Early-Mid Sept
  • Gateron CAP V2 Crystal Switches – ETA Early-Mid Sept
  • JWK Black Switches – ETA Mid-Late Sept
  • KTT Switches (Assorted) – ETA Early-Mid Sept

Incoming PE Foam – ETA Mid Sept

In our last Reddit Giveaway, we asked this question: “Is there a cool mod requiring items that current vendors don’t carry?” The number one response was “PE Foam” for the PE Foam mod. We heard you.

We’re proud to announce that we will be stocking Premium PE Foam Stickers that are antistatic (stop using cheap packing foam on electronics!), already pre-cut to allow for 5 pins, and have a light adhesive backing for easier installation. All you have to do is apply the PE Foam stickers to your PCB.

Incoming Longboi Springs – ETA Early-Mid Sept

  • Three-Stage Springs: It was abundantly clear that you all wanted more 58g Three-Stage Springs, so we’re bringing them back with even more stock this time. We also custom ordered slightly heavier 64g Three-Stage Springs due to popular demand.
  • One-Stage Springs: We want to offer heavy springs (that aren’t just memes), so we custom ordered 300g and 500g springs. These prevent accidental keypresses but are still light enough to functionally actuate (e.g. Caps Lock key, Win key). Thanks to Omnias from r/mechmarket for requesting this product.

You can go to the Longboi Springs page to subscribe for back-in-stock email notifications.

Incoming Dry HUMP – ETA Early-Mid Sept

We were amazed that so many of you wanted to try the Dry HUMP mod. Our tapes were sold out within the first couple hours of our store’s launch. We’re happy to say that we are restocking PTFE Fiberglass Tape and PTFE Teflon Tape.

Incoming Lube – ETA Mid Sept

We are waiting on Miller-Stephenson to send us Krytox 205g0 – they are currently backordered but have provided us with a rough time estimate.

We recently received stock for our high-quality lube brushes with our cute logo on it. 🙂 Check them out!

Incoming Other Products – ETA Early-Mid Sept

Many of you mentioned to us that you really liked our prices for basic tools. Therefore, we’re adding even more basic tools to our store. Stay tuned!

Incoming Giveaways – ETA Early-Mid Sept

With all of these restocks and new products, we will be launching another giveaway on Reddit and also on our Discord – stay tuned!

This is very much still the beginning – keep the requests coming! As always, our mission is to provide this community with items they want with fast shipping, low prices, and excellent customer service.

Happy thocking,