What items can be returned?

Most new items ordered from within the US can be returned. Items that cannot be returned include:

  • Lubricants of any kind
  • Sealed items that had their seals broken
  • Any items that are not in original condition
How can I return an item?

The item must be returned within 14 days of receiving the item to receive a full refund (minus any shipping costs). The date of receipt will be based on the shipping carrier’s tracking information. Please contact us at support@thockpop.com to inform us of the return tracking number. The customer will be responsible for creating and purchasing a return shipping label.

Upon receiving your return, we will inspect the items to ensure they are in their original condition. If we find any issues with your returned items, your refund may be nullified. If the return shipment incurs any additional return or duty fees, the amount will be deducted from your refund.

Can I cancel an order that hasn't been shipped yet?

Yes – please email support@thockpop.com to let us know you’d like to cancel your order.

Please note that customer-initiated order cancellations will be subject to a 3% cancellation fee. This is due to payment processors (such as PayPal and Stripe) enacting transaction fees that are non-refundable.

How is Bitcoin refunded?

If you paid with Bitcoin, your order will be refunded in POP Points (POP). You must have a thockpop account created, and these points will never expire. Your refund will be equivalent to the amount of the items returned (Example: $8.00 will be refunded as 800 POP).

The reason we do this instead of directly refunding in Bitcoin is due to the volatile price fluctuations of BTC compared to fiat currencies. Often times, stores face the dilemma of whether to refund the exact amount of BTC that was paid or to reconvert the price of BTC at the time of the refund. Either way, this results in either the customer or the store losing some value. We want to avoid this situation altogether, which is why you will receive a refund in store credit.

How is POP refunded?

If you refund an order, any POP that was rewarded (e.g., from 1% cashback) will be deducted.

If you redeem POP to purchase items and then return these items, we will choose to issue part or all of the refund in either POP or to your card.

Read more here to learn about our POP Rewards program.